Saturday, August 25, 2012

many call suicide a cowardly act

a running away from life

I disagree

I think it takes a supernal amount of courage

to be able to step into some unknowable Void

whether there's absolutely nothing after this world

or there is and some divine pronouncement

punishes the sufferer for taking his own life

either is enshrouded in a deep dark incomprehensible mystery

and all our opinions on the matter just the blatherings

of people either so far from the edge

they speak in the majesty of their ignorance

or too close to the edge

and are dulled to the reality of incomprehension

that frames our time in these skins

so let the petty in their safety pontificate

(I also have nothing to say

miserable as I am I am not ready just yet

to call it quits)

for the departed a bravery of spirit

a prayer and a hope that their choice

does them no worse than staying alive

in a world that daily become a place in which

it is not worth living...

Content (c) 2008-2012 Philip Milito. All right reserved.

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