Wednesday, August 29, 2012

human nature DOES tend to swerve toward the self-serving...but human nature also strives for "Love God with your whole being, and your neighbor as yourself"...I personally have never understood the emphasis on the FALLEN Man over the RISEN Jesus...if Jesus IS the risen savior, then why concentrate on all the pernicious ideologies that hold us to the evils (if evils they be) of the earth? Can we really talk of antagonistic points of view when all of us in some measure, separate the fullness of living with a 'them vs. us" illusion that's brought nothing but misery into the world?Know that your concerns at root are no different than anyone else's...Our welfare as a race of beings, wrought from what mystery animates the universe, is the same--"Do onto others...", because you WILL ultimately reap what you sow...why this should still be a question after thousands of years is something I'll never be able to wrap my mind around...

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