Friday, March 27, 2009

linear thought has always been illusion
and now the illusion is fading--

to be replaced by the illusion of
enlightenment--the being who knows

that it knows--doesn't know that
it doesn't know...

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009 easily one could leave the earth...

brief the stay...and long the leaving
deliberate or accidential or fated... much unknown     until we know we know...

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Monday, March 16, 2009

why must we all be friends
isn't brothers and sisters in God enough
we tolerate so much
we realize too little
we love a myth of peace even when we snipe at each other
just try calling THAT out
and see how much understanding and sympathy you get
nobody likes the truth of complaint
complaint is the only occasion to speak
otherwise you'd lie silent on your bed and create
a world on the ceiling and call it paradise
and be happy happy happy
and try telling that to the God of Love
who measures our worth by our pain
aren't jackasses and swayback mares in God enough
must we be engaged in haggling over what should be
in free abundance and is except for the everyone
who buy into that demand in those conditions
we love a legend of prosperity especially when pockets are empty
and the desperate who sold out their own lives
are so very hungry
isn't it enough that we all being One
even the least of us can derail so effortlessly
the most majestically simple and God-givingly profound
plan of joy and acquiescence
must we be One and which One at that
we don't really like each other
we're some fine human family   us 
isn't it enough we endure each other
do we all have to be friends

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Monday, March 9, 2009

the vista ahead is frightening
in its immensity--

what vanity of man deludes him
into thinking he can control creation?

what oppressive unnatural fit
of humility causes him 
to forget he would be one with the One

if he would forget his humility
and his vanity-- and just BE where
he is meant to be--and know it?


underlying the inertia
 enormous amounts of life

boil in the vision
of activity--

the end in itself
its own reality
its own meaning--

toward what disruption
of illusion--

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Forgive the misspellings, Mr. Miyagi
(this is what happens when you rush...

back    contrite    from feral fowl flights...
sauntering slowly over fields
 of green rubbery turds
as the misshapen honking bodies

rise on improbable wings...)

I was curious as to who picked the twice-poisoned
dog for a blogname
from the one piece of mine
known to posterity...

but I see in following
I'm a year (or more) too late...

Such it is with me--

the eternity-filled mind
bringing the time-bound body
to its stumblings--unconcerned
for the immense tension

of act and result--the torque of math
that holds us to our earthly lessons--

The world of Time leaves me in shambles--
 But dimensions beyond this measure      soothe

renew--and confound once again any notion
that a third piece of meat
is the Manna---

so        peaceful and measured
after yet another gray morning
I can do without...
I phrase it in an open-hearted surrender

to all twice-poisoned things--
(and in the greatest respect and best wishes 
for what good     sustains you--

Mr. Miyagi...where are thou?


              Content (c) 2008-2009 Philip Milito.  All rights reserved.
...haloed void--


...the gray day
a pool
of weary

acknowledging at last
the accomplishment
of what may not have been
mine to render--

this picking
at words to say
and pout the preceived

of what power that be
what be--

                                                                      * practical step
after another after another

for the duration--
the nut-'n'-bolt

of barely surviving

will for what purpose
to what end.......



the thing done
and the unknowable result...

only to trample
the accomplishment

with paralysis of will
and ignorance

of what has been done..


...where do I go and what do I do?

God ever does me down--
but I must strengthen
to endure nothingness
until some turn of process

delivers me to whatever
God allows...

I'll leave everything I do or have done
behing--abandoned--if that is
required to go along
whichever way opens up...

where else to go? what else to do?


Mr. Myigami...whare art thou?

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thank God for everything--

and for everything     else.....


I'm teaching my stump to move--

it's responding magnificantly--
I tell it to go forward or backward 
it vibrates--
I tell it to stand still
it vibrates 

It vibrates--and I learn....

I dove into the river--
the water turned to ice--

well, you can imagine the rest--
my prescience was attacked--belittled--

by those who stood 
shivering on the shore

as a harness pulled my broken bones
through its own tropical miasma--


                      Content (c) 2008-2009 Philip Milito. All rights reserved.