Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I was ready to greatly tie up this morning's string of posts

with some confession of personal anguish (Lord again?)

but I lost it

my laundry was ready and I had to get down and get it

(I live in a building of low-lives who aren't above

messing with other people's goods)

see how easy it is for the world to interfere

with all this higher stuff

(as if it were higher stuff and not an addition

to the illusions that by our own idiotic assent

hold us to the mundane)

well maybe our worldly doings only matter in the world

but their meaning their purpose their power their essence

comes from beyond this world (else karma wouldn't be a question)

whatever the actuality what has been wrought

is on our tally like it or not

and rather than tie myself to the sins the vengeance of the One is already

making me pay for

I'll amend as I go forward and not sweat about where that'll lead to...

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