Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm suffering from an acute case of asshole fatigue--

how I've had it with people who've passed their sell-by date!
Their little specialty acts have worn thin as ice in spring

either they go or I do--
so I do--because I don't want them around where I am--

How much better do New Year's resolutions get--
especially when they are ones that are so easy to keep!


Some people need wealth and power--
and never seem to learn from life to life--

but for me, two things will drag me back to earth
in some future incarnation (probably the same things

that got me to begin with--

Sex and Chocolate!!!

Contents (c) 2008 Philip Milito

Monday, December 15, 2008

I think it's time to engage the world--

There's so little time left for this age
And this life we've known--

And it is not I alone
Caught in the turnstile of the slow train--

I don't know what cataclysm awaits--I mean
Take your pick--nuclear terrorists--

Mutant strains--climate--earthquakes--tsunamis--
Sunspots and surges strong enough to fry eggs in the womb

And blow out worldwide electrical systems--magnetic reversals--
Planet X--Jesus--the whole percessional parade

Of human ignorance and fear and downright nasty
Creative process of creation--what does it matter

If you go out tomorrow morning and walk slam into a bus
Or go down in some cheesy real life disaster movie?

You're alive in your body until you're not--and if like me
You're not selected for preservation by the masters of the earth

Who honestly believe they'll be able to ride it out
And restart the earth with their flimsy power-mad agendas--

Then I'll be seeing you as the 1000 foot wave washes up Broadway
Carrying you--me--and mine--all of us out of our delusions

And into cold infinite truth--now--isn't that reassuring?


Yes--enough with the gnomic utterances--time for all of us to deal with each other--
One person as a time--


Thursday, December 11, 2008

What would I possibly do without ennui?

How rich the peace and how dense the air!!!

No anxieties or tensions,  no futile trying to construct
A paradigm for shaping forces and processes
Beyond mortal control!!!

Forget what shrinks and priests and new age nincompoops
Have to say about renewal--

We do every instant of our living--new cells creating a new body
Moment by moment--each imaginary moment of linear time--
A new world every second!!!

It's as automatic as the dumbfounded weariness in the face of flux

That we listlessly call ennui...

 What would I do with out?
Everything I couldn't do with it....


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

...I came to--

gray blur of a room--

slate skies oversee the broken pavements
out the dust stained window--

I am nowhere and everywhere
in this configuration       eye and thing seen together etc. etc.

out of the daily etc.
the point that transfixes and expands--

I awake again but to what
that could be different?  If I knew

I wouldn't be here groggy and asking
looking at this point like a fuzzed blotch

of glowing pearl--
beckon  Mary--  I chastise your son

and distance myself from you
with distaff mischief--

I shake myself 

and commence again the lineaments
of healing   and atonement--

doing because doing is all
can be done   

to amend...


Friday, December 5, 2008



there's nothing for 

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A strong sense today of an entire world ending and a new one coming into being...

all achievements through which we identify ourselves--accomplished or abandoned--have 
reached a point of culmination--they are concluded--they are their own forces in creation--
nothing to do with us anymore--they stand full and decay in their terms--

and leave a strong sense of the intangibility of what is to come--streaming like a high-pitched
bullet through the ears--our hands holding the passing forces like the midpoint of an hourglass

all that came before and all that is to come--empty--pliant--like we are at this point--
active--alive--standing for an eternal instant wholly ourselves before these currents
carry us on--

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The previous three entries were, as stated, by way of introduction.  All the content appearing in this blog is written by me, Philip Milito, and is protected, but for any passages quoted that are not mine which will receive attribution, and where possible or necessary,an acknowledgment of source.

This blog is either a catch-all or a genuine synthesis of expression, or both at once.  Intent and will determine the application--the subject matter running from poems and maxims to reflection and commentary to plain old shouts in the cyber-street about the reality of reality (metempiric, spiritual, mental, psychological, emotional, social, cultural, political, personal),
small talk and big silences, about whatever is happening at this point of time and space--
insofar as a limited human being may hope for such realization of expression.

It goes out to to those with eyes and ears to see and hear...all of us.

Enough with the grand scheme...the doing of it is so much more...immediate...


                                                  at last--a transparency
                                                  the quiet regret of age
                                                  as it wanders
                                                  the streets
                                                  rehearsing its biography

                                                  even as it no longer
                                                  can care about
                                                  the passions
                                                  that form the content
                                                  of its permanence as



Tuesday, December 2, 2008

                                        WHAT  THE  MOUSE  FORGOT

on this particular
planet of sorrows--

Building yet 

of the heavens--
as it seems

here  upward


the choice
was made
for me
to continue
in my ruin
by the stars--

since I am
in this ruin
because I
was not wise
enough to
rule the stars


I is someone--

not necessarily



didn't recognize you 
without your mask


what the cat remembered
was what the mouse forgot


If you could figure out
your destiny--
your destiny would
no longer be--


This was to be
the last mistake
of a previous series
instead of
the first
of a new one--


what we think 
we know
takes a lifetime
(or more) to be


                                                      SAYINGS    OF    HEAVEN

A lifetime's sins require a lifetime's penance--


The content of our days are our soul's substance--

Sayings of heaven have no hearing on earth--


Knowledge unused is sin--flowing from the Dragon's Tail---no protection or forgiveness--no mercy--until every whit or neglect is paid--


The meek give strength to the mighty--so beware the weakness of the strong--

Who would block the way will be blocked--and who leads astray will be led astray--


What we do is uniquely our own--what is done to others belongs to each of us--


It took a lifetime to think of nothing--and an instant to forget everything--


Only in forgetting ourselves--are we most who we are--


In pleasure we forget pain--in pain we forget pleasure--when the heart can forget these distinctions the mind will remember its undivided source---


Monday, December 1, 2008

All the vast
array of "one"s

and God's love hard
to deal with--

blessing as it does
the killer

and the one being killed


Those who love life
haven't lived enough


Would you send me grace
the way you send me grief!





What power of evil denied
in the simplest turning away!


Assured of nothing
Everything is possible!


Long thoughts this lazy day

of nothing in particular...