Saturday, January 31, 2009

I've had much of this month to ponder an examination of Dylan's top ten albums...
masterpieces all... 

                              but I've had a change of heart...

Every time I read commentaries on these works...I get bored...enraged...

etc. etc. etc...

I just don't want to be another pompous moron using the net as a soapbox

tut-tuting, and 'of course'ing and 'indeed'ing and...fuck you fuck you fuck you enough already

so the hell with it...Blood Blonde 61 Home Lovetheft basement harding timeout etc etc
they all speak for themselves...all Dylan at full the various times in his
creative life when such energies presented themselves and when he was strong enough
to do right by them..

all these armchair arbiters and barstool bullshit artists are welcome to their thoughts
but the hell with them...let them take their grading systems and reasons and go flush..

(oh hell..modern and freewheelin', too...since we were speaking of tens...oh goodness
have I become my enemy in the instant I went AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!?????????)

ENOUGH!!! Keep at it long as you can...'til ya get tired of it, man....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

To begin 2009, I'll be starting an examination in subsequent posts of
what I consider to be Dylan's All-Masterpiece Top Ten Albums--

no need to belabor the extent of the man's achievement--we know it...and know it..

just throwing in my two cents because I'm tired of watching old movies on YouTube
and frankly all fired up on TELL TALE SIGNS (the 2 CD 'new-album-in-its-own-right'

as opposed to the 3CD  BOOTLEG SERIES, VOL. 8)...gotta go now...a hungry cat
is demanding food....

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