Friday, August 31, 2012


The fallen man as I believe, is exemplified by its mine, me, I. The example of our Lord is the complete opposite, love thy neighbor etc. that is what we strive for but it's not our first knee jerk reaction. That is why we are saved thru Christ because God knows we are unable to attain what we are asked to do. No one except Christ is able to obey the 10 commandments. We may be mindful, and try but in the end, it is impossible for us. So, that is why I don't believe in share and share alike. We as humans cannot do it. Perhaps when Christ returns and it's Heaven on earth then it will be share and share alike. Now we have to slog thru it and do the best we can.


When Jesus straightened the sick and the lame, his words were "Repent, and sin no more" According to what you believe, that's an impossibility. Is this to say that Jesus misspoke himself when he said, "I am what all men may become?" Free gift of grace or not, we seem to be required to act, and to act contra those "evil" animal hungers that control the (after all) animal human body. Speaking from the RC side of things, if someone on their knees at Saturday confession goes out that night to re-open the 98 wounds of Christ with a night of debauchery, they have no excuse for this lapse! They may say "Oh I am unworthy" Bulldonuts! The animal body wants what it wants, but if the higher part of human nature--that consciousness that KNOWS THAT IT KNOWS--does nothing to control and refine those urges into something better, then you're either a slave to some church or a free soul striving for redemption and transcendence in the light of the it God or lamppost or ashtray or whatever you will...I mean, how can the Unnameable be given ANY name by us? Live by your own lights...that's all we can do. But ignore someone less fortunate in the name of some creed, then see what the One will have to say about THAT!

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