Tuesday, January 24, 2012

death to animal abusers!

one Jake Burris

manager of Democrat Ken Aden's bid

for Arkansas"s 3rd congressional district against

Republican Steve Womack

came home to find his pet Siamese cat dead on his doorstep

its head bashed in

and the word LIBERAL spray-painted on its side

I HATE these fuckin' reactionary goons

I HATE these false patriots wrapping themselves

in their 'God and Country' bullshit

and trying to repeal the last three centuries

of human progress hiding behind false religions

and invoking God as sanction for their bigotry and

their hatred

did I say death to animal abusers?

I want MORE

I want to see them tortured 10 times worse

than they've given

(and if God wants to punish me with the same for

wishing it on them let Him

screw God for allowing all this evil

in the name of His Grand Design!)

let Jesus forgive these miscreants

I cannot

I want to BE THERE when they die

and their souls ask 'did we not cast out demons

in Your Name?' and God the Merciless

will flip them off and say "I know ye NOT!!!!"

my hatred of humanity will never be cured

as long as I'm here in this world

here squarely

in the middle of Hell....

Content (c) 2008-2012 Philip Milito.

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