Sunday, June 24, 2012

it's been pointed out yet again

we do not end

people who don't believe in an afterlife

are stunned by every change of temperature

in the room where those they've loved

feel the presence of those departed

even converse with them in certain fleeting instants

and are comforted to continue along with their lives

even if those instants are as hard to recall in the daily stumble

as if they were dreams shattered by the alarm's morning announcement

and of those 'departed' who never believed that

Life was continuous...I'm not there yet so I couldn't say

but I imagine many may be flabbergasted to see that they still are

and either sleep in some state of shock until they can roust themselves

and others may complain there are no harps and Father's Mansions

or lazy deliverance atop a cloud while all their enemies plunge down

in the opposite direction

but most may be just grateful (ruefully or joyously) and relieved

to gladly accept the implicit "I told you so" of the hovering souls

who guarded or at least watched over them as they wore their earthly skins

alive alive alive in the only instant there is

seeing those go back to the world to where they need to be

and seeing those leaving it to arrive where they've always been

and what for them is the acceptance and for us each on earth the sadness

over being and being's illusions

dividing us from all we least for imaginary time's now

Content (c) 2008-2012 Philip Milito. All rights reserved.

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