Monday, July 27, 2009

I have no dream to put you in--

you are the biggest part of what
generates my dreams--

the source of my lessons
the degree awarded my graduation--

love I've ruined in other lives
come back to haunt me now

that I want you so much--


every woman is beautiful--

every woman the Magdalene
red-haired fire box

birthing a bloodline of kings--


I have my other half--
not as perfect a fit as it was once
given life after life
of crude error and unyielding amendment--

but mine own--
and me her own--


the foolish bitches have passed on--

hurtful to me because they were not mine
but I'm grateful they are for those
souls who I so hate
who ruin redemption for the rest of us
(whom I must forgive if I'm to forgive myself)

thinking at least thank God
these bedizened fools are not my trial--
but for the mistaken hungry seeking
to merge with them--

(how long before suffering shows me
I could count my blessings--)


every woman reminds me of my own--
how not? they are not a separate species--

breasts ass legs--every woman is a snare and a trap

blessedly acquiesced to--
every one equipped to overturn
the idiot men who think they themselves rule--

oh fools we be--happy in the limits of the earth
dreaming of paradise in every blind moment
of orgasm and ecstacy--


I must've abused the eternal pattern
to have been denied so thoroughly women
as a time when everyone was fucking each other
until their brains poured out of their ears--

and the smugness of my self-protective pretense
of superiority just poor excuse
for my hunger and my sorrow
and my greed for is the property of all--


latinas asians middle eastern dark eyes
even the slack-jawed white bbws of the American midwest--

it hardly matters--they all know their power without knowing--
it is ingrained in every silent command--
in every frozen glance of disapproval--
in every joyous surging of lust and satisfaction
they bear each successive generation pledged on earth

to drive each other--man and woman--mad in ecstasy


I thought I was beyond all cycles of creation--
I thought I had transcended--

quel imbecile--spirit cannot work without a body--
and all I did was wall myself off from the necessary fall

into sad precious love--


we are fools for the devil
as much as we are
eunuchs for the sake of heavens--

and obviously
we fail at
both endeavors--


to those idiots who think only
in terms of beauty I say
stop frustrating yourselves--

if beauty mattered that much
the world's population
would be limited to
a couple of hundred souls


this is our worldly estate--

to groan--

in bewilderment or ecstasy
it doesn't matter--

this is what we're here for--

for the glimpse of the Almighty
in the mindless instant

of infinite awareness

at the moment of orgasm--
the moment of illumination that is

the matter of the sacrament of matrimony--


no need to be oblique--

every one knows what you mean--
the open secret that is our
common currency--


here's the hardness--

to be given freedom of choice
among the limited choices
of God's perogative--


one day enough people will wake up
to the fact of our common condition
and see it fresh--

see it not as the aberration of some willful idiocy--
but as the common rite we all share
on our way back to Paradise--

Content (c) 2008-2009 Philip Milito.

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