Sunday, July 26, 2009

the end has come and gone--

and the only freedom
is the illusion of mind
that lends a continuity
to the fragments of our experience--

the convenience of a finality
with which we comfort ourselves--

the idea of an end--


so what now?
what does it matter?
after each culmination
in our varied relationships
we ask what next? what now?

nothing nothing but
a fresh increment
in our continuous saga

where who but the One
knows what next--


as well say hello as goodbye--

we disappear from each other--
sometimes for lifetimes at a clip--
only to reappear--

as if we just stepped out for smokes--


I do not know and do not care
what reasons you had
for your discourtesy

(after all it's so easy to be friendly
and get what you can out of people
when you can just turn and leave them
when you've gotten it)

but somewhere beyond your justifications
you will know without evasion or illusion
the price you'll owe for that deceit

and then in the One's incomprehensible mercy
you will turn in your privation to those you used

and in their abused sweetness will be
the forgiveness you'll need--if nothing else--

Content (c) 2008-2009 Philip Milito.

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