Thursday, July 16, 2009

I can't figure out
anything anymore--

the gross contradictions
do not seem to me
like wonderous paradox
and I find it
harder and harder
to maintain the gumption
that got me this far
down the line--

some of you young idiots
coming up today
will do better
but the few who do
will have greater loads
of horseshit
to contend with--

a generation
of morons
to be nothing more than
cogs in a machine
and--here's the kicker--
happy to be so--

no deep thought
no resonance
of meaning
nor sense of awe--

just multitasking
nitwits bred for pure function
here to wipe out
all matter of achievement
that came before them--

the wisdom of the ages
deleted by the honored
stupidity of automata--

and no human outrage
can prevail against
this unsupportable mass
of ...what? call it what...that
has no comprehension of anything--
that cannot conceptualize
or bring forth forms
organic to the matrix
that supports all life?

I can take it no further than this--
time lays waste to all forms
but never before with so much
deliberate help
from the soulless sociopaths
connected to nothing but their own

no sense protesting--
no sense to do anything
but realize we have never been other than
in God's hands

and that our fleeting moment
in this world...all we've done
and all we love...ALL of it passing...

what more to do than acquiesce

and pass with it...

on to the Great Whatever Next...

so long see ya later---

this time is gone
into time yet to come---

enjoy your consciousness
now at the end

of this term...
sad old wisdom not so wise
young mindless bliss shrieking
in the void at the center of its own being...

fuck you all

forgive you all

I weep
until I cease to weep
and in the weary rest that follows
let memory
built through
lifetime after lifetime

lead us up

lead us up...

May God have mercy on us all....

Content (c) 2008-2009 Philip Milito.

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