Friday, July 10, 2009

vibrating like stone
'neath the beating sun

the heart sees its life on earth
subsumed in its totality

like and unlike joined and parted
and washed with blood

drying under a lizard's spinnaker
pulsing praise for its meal


we fill the earth with hurt and rue
just as we were meant to do

under the One's almighty plan
to raise us to begin again


I'm safe for the moment
but God only knows
how long that instant unassaulted will last--

I'll praise the quiet by honoring it
alone and happy

to let the assholes go--


here I be
for the world to see--

the slick one
the sick one
the ill one
the still one

the one who's tired
the one who's mired
the one who's hurt
the one who's inert

the fooled one
the renewed one
the only one
the any one

the one who's steady
the one who's ready
the one who's contrite
the one who's right

here I know
going where the world does go--


the cool of the evening
bathes me in relief

lengthening shadow behind me
I stride into the red sunset

coming down the home stretch...

                                Content (c) 2008-2009 Philip Milito.

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