Friday, September 30, 2011

when you stand

squarely in the middle

of nothingness

with nothing to which to aspire

with nothing t0 do or say

with nothing you'd have any business with

you stand in the middle of the only freedom there is

no conditions

no attachments

no advantage or disadvantage

for any situation for they are unformed

and exist only in potentialities

so it is you stand

where no one would want to stand

where would be afraid to stand

having no imagining

of what cannot be imagined

nothingness absolute as no awareness

stand there between lives

in utter nothingness

wonder after the brief void

no time no space

passes what next condition

will claim consciousness

stand there squarely between

where you've been

and where you will go

and feel all your humanity

that drained like piss in a leaking bag

refill in your bladder as some new increment

then when you are asked

when did you come and from where

what do you do and why

how do you do and how do you know so

then you can truly say nowhere

then you can truly say nothing

Content (c) 2008-2011 Philip Milito.

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