Sunday, September 4, 2011

on the other side of some train tracks
I see a child sitting in a tangle of plant leaves
The child is in no apparent danger
I just happen to see it (looks like a baby girl) as
I am about to cross the tracks
when I look and see an oncoming train
appear from under the arch of a nearby tree
I say "Oh not now!" as I step back
and the train chugs past with a railroad utility truck following behind

I am about to enter a house (doesn't look like any I've ever lived in)
there are copters flying about overhead
as I go in an official looking man asks for a drop of blood
as if this were a requirement to enter the house
I say "Why?" but he insists so I ask "Who are you?"
he shows me what looks like a prayer book
as if to confirm his authority
I say "That's not good enough" he shrugs and
turns away preceding me as we enter the house

Inside I go to a large window and look out to see
a hearse parked by a curb
a cordon of policemen are on either side of me
one cop with his hands on my shoulder
restraining me
I see on an opposite house a Greek Orthodox priest
wearing a huge cross climbing over the roof
I strain to look out up and down the street
but the cop keeps holding me
I say "What are you afraid of? There're cops all over!"
He relaxes his grip and releases me
We all stand there looking out at the empty hearse

I wake up to a cramp in my left thigh...

Content (c) 2008-2011 Philip Milito.

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