Wednesday, September 28, 2011

forgive me friends and readers

but everyone's on my last nerve today

from God Almighty Himself down

to the least of His ambulatory cancers

from young pompous ignoramuses

who think their opinions matter

to old cranky know-it-alls (how I fear

becoming like them oh Christ no!!!)

bitter because they still resent what playmates they missed

while ignoring the bounty they had

from upwardly mobile snots who think

this whole world was created to serve them and their spawn

and who demand the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

be abolished so their little nosewipes will be protected

from Big Bad Reality

to the aging rebels whose drug use now is medicinal

rather than consciousness expanding

and whose anti-hero antics have become

the routines of circus clowns

given how completely the Bad Guys have taken over the Big Top

how utterly they've won in their conquest of our human freedoms

and how God Himself mandates this time in our history

with yet another soul-group entering the World

through the cunts of their chosen mothers

to atone yet again yet again

their sins against the all-poweful all-demanding One

so forgive me dear friends and readers

I'm yelling for help as I cling to a cliff edge

and God comes to put His foot full down

on my whitened knuckles

because I forgot to say 'pretty please?'

I'm tired and pained and bored

for one as vast and mysterious as the One

certainly is dull and predictable as gravity

and to endure

is to waste away like water in sand

Content (c) 2008-2011 Philip Milito.

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