Monday, January 17, 2011

there will be no easy entry into some glorious 'New Age'--

higher spiritual vibrations--assuredly--

greater sense of our responsibilities to all mankind--absolutely--

but even in that alleged hallowed time

you'll have those who cannot--who will not 'get it'--

those who'll turn these very percepts and values

into a new display of tyranny--but then--

earth will never be our final absolute home--

this place is just a weigh station on our way

toward the return to the One--

and this is an--you should excuse the expression--actuality

beyond all the relativity of truth--

many will be lost in that final armageddon

of souls struggling into the Light against

all the mechanizations of souls clinging to the dying

creation and trying to drag as many down with them as they can take--

may I be safe in 'heaven' by then--but oh that's a selfish wish also--

isn't it?--most prayer is selfish--"O Lord save me"

while we forget that "he who would save his life must lose it"--so let me--

let us be where time called will find us--

when we in our last realization of 'self' find ourselves looking out

of God's eyes--then we'll know--in our last fulfillment of wisdom--

that we've 'made it'

Content (c) 2008-2011 Philip Milito.

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