Tuesday, January 11, 2011

regarding the previous post: one could say

that one shouldn't judge or say anything--

(i.e., one with mites in his own eyes has no right to speak,

or, one shouldn't cast the first stone, etc.)--

yes, we may all be fallen in this world--"sinners" to use

the standard term--but we are still responsible

and to say nothing out of guilt laid on you by some clever debater

will only involve you more deeply into the "sin"--

if no one is without sin--if everyone has no right to speak--

then who will? our worldly state shouldn't be an excuse

to capitulate to wrong--better, as they say, to do something

rather than nothing--and if good is somehow wrought from this tragedy--

if it serves to shake people out of the complacency

of their health and prosperity or their dislocation and desperation--

then the world benefits ultimately--though why it always seems to be

at the price of someone's blood is the pain in it--heroes and martyrs

lurk under all of our skins--often not asking for the role and thrust into it

while simply going about daily business-

peace to the injured and dead--and at some point may we be strong enough

to pray for the disturbed and all who've fashioned an environment

for his functioning--and may we never stop saying so--

despite our worldly imperfections--lest no good come of anything--

Content (c) 2008-2011 Philip Milito.

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