Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Some selections from Initiated, a very, very old collection of mine.

I have no idea
What you're after
I only know
That I don't know
What I want
And made love to you
Knowing you would
Pick up my worst habits



When did you
First realize
Your life would
Cost you your life?


I'm one of those cranks
Who think animals are better than people

And why not? Doesn't the Bible
Tell there's no sin in them?


It hurts to open the heart
Only God's silence answers a prayer
See how fragile the communication is
I'm trying out other voices


1:30 AM

In deep night
A fast whirring
Car alarm

----dead stop

Then continues
As before
Soft then loud
As the

Air moves


DECEMBER 28, 1980 (for T.D.M.)

So many years after your death
The night is dim red snowlight
The streetlamp's soft rays like arms
Reaching out to catch the racing fog



Rain hangs tears
On every flower
The bee invades



Like a vision, Death
Fills his domain;

The world the width
Of a window pane.

* * *

Content (c) 2008-2011 Philip Milito.

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