Thursday, November 21, 2013


good afternoon my fellow bullshit artists!

shall we mount yet another assault on the Mass Mind?

tickle the nuts of the all-complicit Media and maybe squeeze

those balls until the weakest cipher says "enough! enough! I give in!!!"?

you know you're not dealing with anything resembling

a conscience...just some cog in the machinery doing its function

and proud to be a cog...happy to do nothing but be an instrument...

shall we assault assholes like this and be god-like in our power

to destroy...or shall we show mercy...and regret such high mindedness

when it bites our butts somewhere down the line?

oh be yourself and do right do right do right...

but don't be stupid enough to think God will bless you for it...

nothing you do is good enough...and I've come to bless myself

(to hell with the Divine) and all the other bullshit artists looking for a break...

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