Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Call it Nemesis…call it God’s Vengeance…what does it matter? The Unforgiving One reaps the awful price…and no repentance no amends no change of heart makes a difference to this Source of Life.

Do good…and a smidgen of grace trickles down and dries…but do wrong (even if it’s your foot slipping 1/10 of an inch unintentionally) and you’re in for lifetimes of punishment…and if you want to live forever…you’ll have to giving up any fairy tale of God that holds you to your fall…accept at last that God is some gangster who created you to assuage God’s own vanity and power-madness.

There’s truly nothing you can do, but endure the judgment of the Unmerciful One, and do as you are bid. If you think that’s not living, well, you’re right, but to do otherwise is death. This is the actual Reality. This is the ruin of our bright hope and strongest faith.

This is where all the illusion of life destroys even the soul. And if there’s a resurrection out of this, we have only our discredited trust in it. If this unyielding suffering leads to some enlightenment and freedom (I use the word loosely since blind obedience is the demand) then we wouldn’t know unless it happened. So we continue in the earth (beautiful earth, disgusting world) and have no idea of anything, except all the fleeting joys when we can forget for even a few moment, the awful Reality of God.

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