Saturday, March 10, 2012

well here I am
wondering again
if I did the right thing

in being forward with people

the Age of Jeremiads has passed

no one has the moral sense to hear
any of this kind of talk and repent
and are too busy wrecking their own worlds

in the name of their own ignorance and hunger
to give any flying fuck
and when they hear me spout

they suggest kindly or not
therapy as if a dose of wicked medicine
will cure everything

what the hell did I know?
I took God at His word
and like Jesus hang on a cross

yowling "why have you forsaken me?"

just to be in the earth is to be forsaken

just as to be in the earth
is too dummy up
and tend to your own way out of matter

any way you succeed will benefit everyone
like it or not the right thing sometimes entails
just the things in life you despise the most

there's a test of your ability to forgive
others and yourself make no mistake
it is not them vs. us

comfortable as that is to settle into
but knowing what's good for you
is good for the rest

and if you really want out

you're going to have to cut more cords

than the silver one
you'll have to cause your own perishing
and how hard is that...when all of life

courses through you and wondering
is the least of your apprehension
you know the right thing is the right thing

because it is so hard...

Content (c) 2008-2012 Philip Milito.

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