Saturday, March 31, 2012

a Boy Scout of the stars and planets

I'm prepared

(even if I have no idea what for)

and it tees me off no end

to see my fellows trailblazers

taking us off the right path

because they had a fevered dream one night

of Destiny and Man's able to rise

to that favored fiasco

no one plays fair

no one

and fools like me add to the debacle

with our purity

which we think is so unimpeachable

and find to our dismay

we were just another part of the problem

oh plagues and vanity

inner and outer reflect each other

with disturbing consequence

who can move forward without the delusions

that define our beings each in this sandpit

we call the World

and the cold partiality that the God of Love displays

cold and ruthless as any spurned lover

I'll take my Swiss Army Knife

widdle some twigs

and build my tiny fire

to keep slight warm

in the Great Blast of Judgment

freezing as Miss Emily wildly out it

"zero to the Bone"

Content (c) 2008-2012 Philip Milito.

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