Saturday, March 24, 2012

I've gotten too old to be surprised any longer

even if something totally and inexplicably amazing

happened there'd be a slight membrane

separating me from the event

at the least because I'm aware of surprises

that led to disappointments

of breakthroughs that only led to breakdowns

we have no clue about the totality of our Soul history

and often we do what we think is the right thing

only to unleash every Hound of Hell

and have them snapping at our ankles

as we push on

I've moved beyond familiarity

this is just a downright Goddamned bore

another in the perpetual series of material world woes

that test us to the point of failure

even if the lesson has finally taken and sunken in

and who are we to know if we're failures

we may have done good we'd never be aware of

as long as we're in these declining skins

we just don't know

and won't as long as we're here in the earth

I've gotten too old to be cheered by momentary respites

I'm tired and weak but must take

every ounce of strength left to me

just to hobble over this life's finish line

and the anticipations of what comes after

will be the dreams that ease me into my last bed

the last comfort that awaits while a tunnel of light

no one else can see

opens before me and I'm beckoned by shades

to take my place among them

ready or not may I go into that return at peace with my sorrows...

Content (c) 2008-2012 Philip Milito.

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