Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I have to admit--

the Aquarian Age

has underwhelmed me

thus far--

all I see

are the old tyrannies

in new dress--

now it is too much to ask

for anyone to walk

outside the old parameters

of history

and into the deserts outside


it has never been a cakewalk

to stand outside

all you've known to forge

a path to God

as fraught with horseshit

as the worldliness

we are expected to transcend--

but that is what the One expects--


if we are to live with He/She/It


I confess my foolishness--

I thought our limited human endeavor

was enough for amendment--

but every whit of the price

is the demand--whether or not we can

comprehend that immensity--

so my bitterness is par as they say--

I am one of many

who struggle toward a transcendence

we cannot even begin to comprehend--

and so it is thus--

we must submit in humility--

something our egos find particularly odious--

but it is precisely that selfishness

that releases us--

we are our own entites--

we are--each of us--God--

but it is that knowledge that trips the trap

of pride that defeats us--

so let some fantastic New Age come--

we are the same old souls

struggling with the earthly conditions

of separation and ignorance that have always

plagued us in the earth--

the spiritual vibrations may be higher

but that just means we have

that much farther to fall--

when we all renounce our pride--our idiocy--

our trembling childish fear--then--maybe then--

we will have half a chance

for grace--and forgiveness--and love...

Content (c) 2008-2011 Philip Milito.

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