Friday, March 25, 2011

because the world is tearing itself apart to be reborn

because we are scattered poor tribes of our limited affiliations

because we are see again and again evil win out on this plane

because we never will understand our complicity

because we reach for absolution from holy men as tainted as we

because there is no group way to a guaranteed salvation

because we turn from realities we cannot comprehend

because we celebrate our mendacity in the name of every name of God

because we wrestle with angels as weak as we are

because we dance before the wrong golden calf

because we tear meat from a pig roasting under nuclear irradiation

because we deny ourselves in the name of some imaginary deity

because the kings of the world will gladly assume the role

because we've sold our birthright for slave wages and hateful domesticity

because we've abjured our responsibility for a night on the town
while the Apocalypse rages in every club and in every dish of food in every
drink in every gratuity

because we eat our own shit and praise the Lord for the bounty

because we seek escape from our skins every moment of every day

because nothing is safe on roads of murderous gangs of cretins

because all passages on the last rocket leaving the doomed planet
are booked by rich scumbags who think they'll buy their way into Heaven

because nothing is flying in storms and solar flares

because earthquakes disrupt the mechanizations of man that chimp
with a gift for speech

because the reckoning has finally come and we're all broke

because all hopes of Heaven Nirvana the Unconditioned are wiped
clean in the cleansing of our imagined paradises

because we still believe we are worthy of forgiveness after abusing the gift

because our pride has convinced us we are God

because every truth relative and ultimately useless to our capacities
is the very instrument of our destruction

because we had no idea any of the Universal Laws applied to us

because pride continues to ill-use us

because we do not believe our fallen state to be fallen

because we take no one's word for anything and we know absolutely nothing

because we are the last word in the folly of creation's accidents

because we love one another only when it's convenient to us

because we've run our thread out and think the supply is inexhaustible

because our bubbles have burst and all that remains is the air
that subsumed the glistening evanscence

because our time is up and we insist on staying

because there is no light in this world

because God weeps at the punishments His vengeance must mete out

because our fondest memories are a frayed flattened cushion

because we land hard on solid ground

because God has had enough and we have had enough

because the end is near and we cannot see passed that apotheosis

because we do not believe in new life after this

because we cling to our dying skins

because this is fact because this is process because this is it

because we have finally reached the end of this road

because we fear the darkness as ever as ever

because this is what it is to dwell in the earth

because it will never be the ultimate comfort

because it is only and ever because it is

because it is

Content (c) 2008-2011 Philip Milito.

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