Friday, July 2, 2010



You can't withdraw and pine--

You're no longer a child
And haven't been for longer than
You've known you haven't been...


It's cold beyond the pale--

My breath froze
Into demon shapes

Flipping birds at me--


What prompts
What calamitous leveling
That's punishment or penance
according to your lights?

I cannot recall

Though some moments
Whisper alternatives
As I search through
Wreckage for clues


And here is another
Invitation to pull pins
Out of your voodoo doll
And stick them into the carcass
On the crucifix

God forgives--
But only if you do
And with your
Misconceived notions
How can you?


Lord! Help me remove the bitterness
From my heart!

"I will not!
You have bitterness in your heart!"


Why shouldn't gratitude be bitter?

Isn't righteousness too often the helping hand
that adds to the burden?


God's Will be done--
What "free" choice have we really?


I was finally broken--

I'd prayed like never before in my life
And still did evil triumph and horror crumble
All delusion--

As if God put my smashed pieces under heel
And ground them further--
The aftermath chafes in the blistering heat

Of afternoon--with mouth closed--
And a fading of pain as relief--the cure
As bad as the complaint--

For Life's sake I'll have to lose god
To find God


Have patience with the afflicted--
You are among them


Pity us purists--

At best we're laughingstocks
At worst fall guys


Dry heart--

Definitive as a fossil
It gives the exact condition
When doom overtook
The fresh fragile beating
And rendered its being


[End of PART VII.]

Content (c) 2008-2010 Philip Milito.

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