Monday, February 25, 2013


who am I now?

who spent a lifetime

in denial and waste

unable to face the loss

of what I loved

swaggering through life

with a sharp tongue

and masterful disdain

for all common happiness?

who mocked and cursed

all the sheep and wolves

who keep the dynamic

of earthly life in swirling chaos of heart?

who am I now?

who lived through his three-score years

and didn't believe

forgiveness could be granted

and now lives to see it come

and all the years of heartbreak

resolving into the story I'll tell

St. Peter (if he can keep himself awake...

having heard this same tale countless times before...)

who has regained...not too late...

the healing he thought was a fable

told by metaphysical hucksters

whose wager was ownership of soul?

who am I now?

who was I ever?

nobody special...but still unique...

as was each I've hated and loved

was happy to see go or was sorry to see leave...

and all of us in each's own path

heading to the only 'place'

there ever was or will be...

with love to all here now in the earth

and all beyond who sneak back occasionally

to see how we're doing here...who am I now?

who are we now? we are who we always were

and always will be...

and that's who we are...

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