Monday, July 23, 2012

some thing's going to deliver us

one way or another

it may not be to the Paradise

we imagine or want

but it will be exactly what it is

and we'll have created it for ourselves

with our acts our hungers as much as

as our petty imaginings

take care whom you bless

and whom you curse

either could show up with a key or with a lock

and you want no unseemly replays

if you have no idea what or why you're making

a certain choice

I worship ass and leg

as much as a repressed mook worships

an Old Testament idea of God

 and who's to say which of us is right

good and bad black and white is and is not

bedevil us all

and I don't care anymore

everything resembles its opposite

and my love is as tainted as the next fool who wishes

he could be forever 24 and up for endless nights

or drugs and sex

(itself another delusion that defined another generation)

little portals into the infinite open here and there

and those of us who catch them as they occur

see into that perspective and feels the shame

of a hundred summers spent in ignorant vigor

pulling the bottoms of bikinis off

their little girlfriends

the first intimations of life force pure and sweet

as any first taste of what it is to be human and alive

oh God what a farce life is

to live in full flush of love and desire

and to suffer for the expression

of love and desire

fuck it all

live and love as you will

if God is truly good you'll be forgiven any transgressions

in chasing those Divine ideals

and if not

then fuck Him and everyone else

at least you lived

at least you loved....

Content (c0 2008-2012 Philip Milito. All right reserved.

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