Monday, July 23, 2012

everyone has a lost one

common violence claims

so many

and who but the One knows

if it was their time or not

some demented asshole goes off

then then lawyers-up  for some plea

I understand why anyone

would take this asshole and his lawyer

into some distant field on the

outskirts of town

and set them on fire

then walking away with hands in pockets

saying later I didn't see nothing

I was out walking my dog

you cannot deal with the psychotic

or with any kind of terrorist

whether fundamentalist screwball

or greed and power-mad CEO

without giving them the base destruction

the bullet to the head only they could understand

and maybe even sympathize with...

and if you think you're so evolved and above this behavior

well you better have your excuses ready

I hear God loves us all

master and slave

killer and victim alike

and for all my understanding of higher things

I also cannot stand this blessing the enemy

who holds a knife to my throat

then demands the metaphysical blessing

of a great chaos that attempts to resolve itself in the cosmos

the madmen run unhindered

and higher understanding sounds like a cruel joke

of the abstracted

and the eternal question: what is Right Action? becomes

yet another joke of the Divine

the God and His minions who weep with us

but raise no finger to intercede

everyone has a lost one

and where is the mercy of God then?

said Leonard and if you call me brother now

forgive me if I enquire

just according to who's plan?

and if the ones we've lost

come back to us in dreams

(dreams one hopes will be remembered upon awakening)

may they guide us to greater truer understanding

even if our lost ones are as in the dark

as we are here....

Content (c) 2008-2012 Philip Milito. All rights reserved.

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