Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I wouldn't trust myself

to be calm in a crisis

but I do rise to the occasion

and I have saved the day--

no wonder my friends have made me

an honorary Jew--

I too thrive on aggravation--


let it be known now--

the only difference I've seen

between Jews and Italians

is tomato sauce


my friends know I'm nuts

but my friends know I'm true

I'm the stand-up guy

who gets mowed down

by the materialist maniacs

who'd destroy the world

for a toy--or a lay that they could own--


I am various persons

to various people--

no--not a fake--

but embracing the multiplicity

of all we are


I live under unspeakable circumstances--

and God finds this acceptable


I like my solitude--

but I don't mind sharing

a lifeboat


good God--

all the grief You put us through--

You with your 'every whit of the price be paid'

while those good souls you harass

take their privations

as matter of course

and accept it--

would Lord You be as kind and forgiving

as we are to each other--


a New Age coming?

it's already here

wreck and historically ruin

while we just take it

as 'oh here's another conqueror

who thinks he's going to command corpses!'


love is all there is

love is all that's left

let us not lose sight of it

in the losses of our illusions


no need to say

see you down the line

we're on our way

hell we're already there

Content (c) 2008-2010 Philip Milito.

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