Friday, November 19, 2010

my shames and wastes and losses mean nothing now--

I have endured a gauntlet tossed carelessly lifetimes ago

to land here and now in this time and place--

and now it has been despatched will all the will

of a sleepy child drowsing upon awakening

as the last images of dream dissipate--

it has been lifted and thrown back--I disaffiliate--

I hold no truck with the insanity of humanity--

I've played the fool enough for my taste--

let karma have more devastating tricks played on me--

I'm broke and if the heavens wish to afflict me further

let them rifle my pockets for lint--

like many before me I regret waking up and figuring

some matters out so late in a lifetime--

lesson learned as time runs out to repent--

but there's more than this sojourn--

more than this skin--

exactly what remains to be--and when I get there

I may not recognize it--but all the foolishness that is a little

too much the content of my history--

it means nothing now--

this--right here right now--is the deal--

so deal--

Content (c) 2008-2010 Philip Milito

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