Thursday, November 4, 2010

my concerns have exceeded the scope of this blog

I will return to it--

but as part of a larger


I'm glad to be nearing death

at least that a release back to higher truer Life--

to live in this world the way it is now

is like being fully truly REALLY dead

no afterlife no soul left--

every generation thinks its good times were the best--

that's a load--we had sex drugs and rock'n'roll--

trying beating that you imbeciles--

and for what comes next--well let's see what we weave for ourselves--

let's see what God will allow--

let's see nothing but the backsides of the brain-dead

as they wreck the earth we leave in sorrow

because it was a beautiful place and maybe one day

God will be big enough to admit the blunder

in giving free choice to people who only know

the slavery of their sad minds--

my concerns are elsewhere now

thank God the time draws nearer every second

and for you earth-bound with no understanding of anything--

go ahead and mock--as (somewhere) already given

I'll be happier to go

than you'll be to see me leave--

'sall right baby I'll catch you down the line...

Content (c) 2008-2010 Philip Milito

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