Thursday, April 15, 2010

we are Eternal

we do live in the Infinite

but as long as we are in flesh on this earth

we will know it

as an earthworm knows

from a tractor


the smaller we are

the larger and vaster

our connection to the awareness of infinity

and the more vulnerable our consciousness

which sees this connection momentarily

out of the immediacy of earthly matters

yes all is here and now

and our apprehension only

now and then


and how to describe the indescribable

reams of bad poetry hymning the heavens

of our pitiful imaginations

while the Ineffable keeps the tally

the One holds the count

and God metempirical holds the context

of all living


to live on earth is to wade through illusions

(and God alone knows how many other worlds

hold the matrix that engenders forms and their delusions)

but always held on course by the knowing

that flashes in the briefest of moments

before being again forgotten

in the strictures of our earthly time


so I hold to my course

my heart beating in spite of me

my business is this time in the earth

so I get down to business

until the culmination of a sojourn

stands complete

and I wake up one day released from these endeavors

body lost but soul regained

like Whitman I wait for you somewhere

like the Nazz I'll catch you down the line

Content (c) 2008-2010 Philip Milito.

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