Monday, April 26, 2010

the full moon in Scorpio approaches
signaling the transformation of many things on earth--

this one calls in all the chips
gathers all the marbles (or whatever trite phrase

unifies your poor thinking) so the game
we've been playing for decades ends and a new one starts

under aspects I wouldn't wish on a Republican (and everyone
knows how much I hate those evil greedy scumbags) no

all our necks are out for this one
and no one can afford their own high-handedness any longer

our minds have reached the saturation point and no agenda
stands up to scrutiny all is exhausted and every desperate remedy

reveals its own transparency
peace to the type-A imbeciles who think doing anything

will brings desired results
peace to the type-B sloths who wait for things to happen for them

as if they were entitled to a permanent victimhood
they both will go down by the very notions they espouse

the historically slate is wiped clean (trite yes) (but sadly accurate)
and all falseness is at last openly evident

oh what will we do what will we do

nothing at all
except hold our noses and dive off the sinking landmass

of the world we've created for ourselves
and keep swimming in the illimitable sea

toward the next life we will nurture or ruin with the sad ignorance
that will ever be the earthly condition for souls

I and mine have started our award-winning breaststrokes
we're on our way

hope to see you on the other shore
whatever and wherever it is under this full Scorpio moon

with dawn hours away
but coming...

Content (c) 2008-2010 Philip Milito.

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