Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm not fooled

I know this body is finally wearing out

it served its time

it had its pleasures and pains

I'm not fooled

I know I'll look down

from the ceiling corners of whatever room

the silver cord is severed

and all the sadness I gouged on while I lived

will leave itself in the remaining meat

the flesh envelope containing my purposes

my reasons for being in this former skin

at this time in eternity

and that illusive time passing with the body

that engendered its clock its ticking in the heart

I'm not fooled

I've said my prayers

I've pet the cat and left it extra food

may who finds my lifeless costume

do right by the cat

(I will tend to who does not!)

I'm not fooled

it is time to go

time not to stay

time to be unable to stay

the force that sustains all pulling me along

to my next ordeal

on the way of my slow return

and to what I have to remember next as

the old sweetness of being

feeling new

at last

for once


I'm not fooled

Content (c) 2008-20010 Philip Milito.

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