Wednesday, April 21, 2010


before the brief hope

the delusion of hope

softsoap of someone else's 'courage'

but after the long wash

the certainty of emptiness

one's own raiment cleansed


radio receiver tuned and ready
for transmission
antic ghost stutterings
or archangel rant
tempests in teapots
or quick brown foxes
squeal like a hog
or honk like a goose
talk to me One
through this
your creation
Oh only One
talk to me

awaiting reply


largely a fiction
between friends
loyalty does
bind in a trust

what it blinds is worse


a breach of decorum
the rudeness of megalomania
the utter self-regard
begs no questions

warty bliggens*
endures in our spawn

don't be too proud
you observers of decorum


in my skin and at my place
and workin' to own my very face


all is in place
tend to its movement
all sustains you
if you contribute to all


how're we doing?

twice as long to get half as far


the transparency of age
becomes apparent
to an youthful heart
having really no age

old as that heart may be
thus it will always be


I love our life
she said with her whole being

and again I lost myself
in the immensity


once again
a day roils through me
as if it were my blood
in its circulation


*"warty bliggens"is a subject of one of Don Marquis's 'archy and mehitabel' poems. Long may they be remembered.

Content (c) 2008-2010 Philip Milito.

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