Thursday, January 14, 2010

the world is the natural home of what we call 'the Devil'--

that is...our own selfishness--fear--anger--
and the safety-in-numbers that the gangsters of this world
(ALL of them) manipulate to keep everyone guiltily in line--

each of us--duplicitious for the sake of a survival we will lose
for clinging to it so absolutely--

even assholes like me who sensitively rage at the world's injustice
and at a deity who founded all things and everyone
but takes no responsibility for it--the archetype for

popes kings presidents CEOs little next-door Hitlers
and all other masters of the Disclaimer--then puts it all
into self-important words that enlighten no one

let alone the would-be poet-shaman him(my)self--

such is the world--the greedy and the power-mad will ever rule it
enslaving the ignorant and frightened and hateful
in their own shared greed and power-madness--

but also for each of us--the spirit's mandate--
out of this general chaos of death-in-life
we grow into a...into OUR particular resolution and realization--

at least regaining some of our self-awareness to mend our ways
if not die out in a full transcendence..

'Devil" take it--so to speak...

Content (c) 2008-2010 Philip Milito.

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