Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kiss good-bye to the idea of America--

it's gone--has been for decades--centuries even-

the Democratic Idea was foisted by high-minded intellectuals
on a grubby ignorant pack of low-lifes who'd rather

clinging to abuse from their masters than think and act
and reason for themselves--snarly ignorant pig-fucking cracker assholes--

what will they do when the nazis they keep in power abscond with their
livelihoods--nothing!--they'll rage and hate everything that isn't

in their limited understanding--it's alright Gomer--
be displaced by the cataclysm your greed and stupidity caused--

your thoughtless consent to the mendacity of your masters--
but don't show up at my post-apocalyptic outpost--

I'll just look over the fence and watch you starve (sorry Lord
but I've yet to learn to bless and forgive my enemies)

the backs of the working class have always been a platform
for these greedy power-mad masters of the universe to stand on--

now suffer for your stupidity--more--for your evil--you wishing to be
among the rulers and actually thinking you have a ghost of a chance--

as long as people get what they deserve nothing on this earth will matter
to heaven--despite that esoteric thinking that states

what is above is reflected below--if God is truly a nazi too then what hope?
I no longer care--I'll be dead soon enough and done with this shit--

but in the meantime--fuck all of you--let God forgive--you for your evil--
me for my pride--this is the earth--a training ground for dim-witted souls

to enlighten themselves and learn what I and so many others now
are learning the hard way--(God will have it no other way--)

there will be no peace on earth--there is no light in this world (even Jesus
on his cross looked up at the sky and said "Father--why have you

forsaken me?") live as you will--kill if you must--right and wrong
have no meaning here in the world--enjoy the fancy meal--the lapdance--

the overaged bitches tried to be young by fucking some young'uns
(all these poor whores truly understand)--the money money money money money--

I'll see you in Hell and I'll see you in the air--like it matters

when nothing is in our control--and we ignore God to balm what we think--is--

our consciences...

Content (c) 2008-2010 Philip Milito.

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