Saturday, November 1, 2014

I'm rocketing to the end of the line

with my worthless atonements

with my crazed ideas of paradise

with my unmitigated love of cunt

with my soul-deep sorrow at being in this world at all

and give up my mistaken notions of forgiveness

to rock every love and stone every fool

whatever God's judgement will be

this God sits there and weeps for us

and lifts no finger to help

but only to judge and punish

(our idiotic attempts at repentance atonement and amendment

worthless for not being perfect enough)

I'm rocketing to the end of the line

and grace and mercy and forgiveness can be what it is or not

I'm bowing in respect and love to every good soul

suffering under the tyranny of the Law

and goosing every ass bent over in presentation

(oh you impossibly alluring crazy women)

I've suffered enough

let the Boss do what the Boss will do in demanding

our love on pain of death

(the One has more to be forgiven for than to forgive us)

and if truth itself destroys us let it

I love life and I love love

and I'm rocketing to the end of the line

I'm finally ready to go

Content (c) 2008-2014 Philip Milito. All rights reserved.

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