Friday, November 14, 2014


guess I'll be seein' y'all

sooner than expected

a giant spike up my ass

has informed me

that the Almighty

is nowhere near

being done

fucking with me

this thing

is serious about

demanding obedience

and crushing who mocks it

who puts all responsibility

for good on us

then disregards it

and crushes us anyway...

if there is some utter transcendence

beyond the thing

where no loving amends

are destroyed for the sake

of some wild brutal force

whose perfection allows

no forgiveness

it must be by an absolute loss

of personality

since to be in the thing's creation

is to be in your own Outer Darkness...

so be the apple of some imaginary god's eye

be a pimple in the ass of this creation

be a shit stain on the floor of hell

you put yourself there

by being stupid enough to believe in a hating god

and not in a transcendence to which constant suffering

will release you

to which your soul will find its completeness

in the utter and total awareness

of sizzling vivid nothings...

may I survive to find this way out...done...

this is the perpetual field of play...

now True Metempiric Only One

what's the deal?

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