Wednesday, June 18, 2014


oh such sweet musings

after the sour reality

being reminded death

does not automatically

raise one to sainthood…

oh the bastard you loved

and hated may have found

some peace with Jesus in his own mind

but his actions will tell on him

standing naked in the light of his own actuality…

the One not as easily swayed as we’d be

who grit our teeth and clinch

the fist remembering

the betrayals…the dirty deal…the convenient lie

born of malice or fear or shame…

but each of us has his own mess to straighten

and if guilt not paralyze the contrition

then time will dissolve the angry memories

and bring forward the good

(no matter how much breast-beating

it was never all bad) and after things

as they are exact their precise compensation

then oh how sweet the musings for all

that was good and hopeful

facing what we are as we morph

into what we will become….

Content (c) 2008-2014 Philip Milito. All rights reserved.

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