Wednesday, June 4, 2014



a dream (a drama?) begins with

a muscle-bound jerk

slapping me

I punch him in the face

and we tangle

...which dissolves to being kept

out of a party going on

in my family's house (not the actual old home)

but gifts are pushed out to me

through a huge hole

in the window screen

then inside this house


you and I talking

smoking cigarettes

lying fully clothed

on the bed

stroking each other

as music and chatter

and cooking smells wafe up to us

as if we were children in our room

while the grown-ups partied downstairs

the as if watching a movie

one man confronts another

pulling a large machete from his pants

then a shot of a body

lying face down in the blood

from where his arm was cut off

the a shot of a dead baby

sliced neatly in two

and my voice saying as if in a theater

commenting on the action in the movie

"looks like murdering babies

is the latest atrocity to gain favor

with the psychopaths..."

 this dream coming a few days after

a report from East New York

about some maniac who butcher two little children

in an elevator

as for you and I conflated into this horrific dream

who knows...thoughts of yearnings

for you I may never realize

or realize poorly?

even if I had the slightest inkling

of an understanding

of what dreams are saying to us

(not even sure now if they were separate

or part of one long sequence)

I'd still find myself saying upon awakening

what the hell was THAT?

Content (c) 2008-2014 Philip Milito. All rights reserved.

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