Saturday, April 13, 2013


waking up from your childish religious beliefs

the hardest thing is realizing that 'God'

is not some loving forgiving being

but a cold hard unforgiving judge

who gouges all penitence out of you

like a steam shovel uproots the ground

of an old mansion to make way for a mall

and leaves all liability on your fear and ignorance

without one word on 'His' responsibility

for making creation as it is...

who created all beings to satisfy 'His' own vanity

then demands an absurd unquestioning obedience

to the impossible strictures of 'perfection'

and if you want to live forever you damn well better

lick the Divine Balls or else...

so much for lies of freedom

so much for our sincere stumblings trying

to realize the good mandated by such insane imperatives

and oh what hell this alleged 'God of Love' will give me

for daring to tell this crushing truth...

and the joke is all of us have a notion of right and wrong

that our personal daily trials task sometimes

beyond what we can rightly bear

and the only problem is that our sincerity is not 'perfect' enough

for this tyrant of love even when our very hard-earned humility

would incline us to adhere to those divine demands anyway...

and oh how the actuality of this ineluctable reality

makes one sorry for awaking up and leaving behind

the childish religions that gave such false comforts

to face such true privations stripping the soul to its bare acquiescence...

Content (c) 2008-2013 Philip Milito. All rights reserved.

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