Monday, April 8, 2013


saw Leonard Cohen last night

at Radio City in New York

an amazing show

an unbelievable show

like the previous three times I've seen him

through the years

three plus hours at full vigor

but this show was deeper...more resonant...

the musicianship beyond superb...

each player a virtuoso

and his back-up girls

what angels should look and sound like

without driving the hearer deaf and blind...

how can a 78-year-old man

have so much energy

kneel on the carpet of the stage

and spring up like a man less than half his age...

and spry as he was who knows when the last tour will be?

God and women have been good to Leonard

and all I could do was follow as I've always done

eyes on the heavens and my neck in my hand

and my heart down some wistful healing chute...

Bravo Leonard...the fellowship of last night

is permanent in the soul...and another incentive

to take heart...

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