Tuesday, April 17, 2012

some joker suggested

that my love of God runs more deeply than I could humanly know

and that all this raving is but the expression

of a pre-religious conversion

a sort of last explosion of guilt and pain

before acquiescing to the One....

does this joker know if this 'god' is no better than the worst of us

then we right and truly are fucked?

does this clown even know that my acceptance

of a creative loving Source of Life

doesn't involve belief in some self-projection

that posits a 'god'...a 'supreme being'

but rather an unknown Void still and beyond peace

at the bottom of all turmoil and hurt?

more accurate to say

my suffering is the bewilderment and fear

that strains the very love that holds our race together...

better to say I love and respect my fellow creatures

as all of us huddle in our fears

before the Mystery that animates all creation...

Content (c) 2008-2012 Philip Milito. All rights reserved.

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