Tuesday, December 27, 2011


soothe the disappointed

the world won't end when they want it to...

they're just going to have to live

they're just going to have to face what life is


I'll miss the old alibis

the fumbled lines tell-tale on the tongue

the moment of hesitation

that anyone simple as a child would notice

(and be as indiscreet as to point out

in front of everyone)

I'll miss hearing them

from someone squirming as deeply

as I or anyone else ever has

in front of Inquisitor X Y or Z

the final silence passing a loud judgment

I'll miss the pure bravado of being a human being

wearing his skin inside out every time

he passes the scenes of his crimes

that once jabbed and drew blood

but now are inspected like an elderly tourist

returning to the place of his first assignation

and remembering no detail other than the object

of his temptation...


even my guardian angels are no help

I beg for guidance

and they lead me through one pile of shit after another

what gamble did I risk and lose

for my own spirit guides

to fade my action?


so the worse is yet to be

how do you know?

go back to your bedroom and fap up a vision


I've lost my way many times

and found it again

or took another way

either way

I moved where I headed

and got where I was going

amazing how some can hear this piece of news

and be flabbergasted...


we will not broach any question tonight

you need to feel good about yourself

go betray someone else

I'm keeping still satisfied that no one you find

will forgive you...


no one believes you anymore

you should have hired new writers

you should have thought up new excuses

everyone's heard these before

time for a new location

time to travel or do you need to be told to get going while you can?


the ghost's shadow lengthens in the dark of the moon



give the game away

turn yourself for the reward but

no one heard

no one cares

and someone else claimed the money with your name and face

no wonder you hate being yourself

I really can't blame you...


many people are blind to their own truth

they hear nothing but blood rushing through

the capillaries of the ears

and pull themselves along that rope in the dark

or was it some divine muttering they couldn't understand?

in truth (any truth will do) it is absence of any certainty

that keeps us going forward

and any truth will affirm that...

the compounds of matter that make this world

(and all the worlds of conditioned creation)

are unstable by nature

your truth embodies you perfectly

do not dishonor it

do not be blind to it

it is only one of many

but it is the only one that's you

* * * *

Content (c) 2008-2011 Philip Milito.

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