Friday, December 30, 2011

is the coast clear?

can we come out from hiding?

can we hoist our socks

and meet this outrageous new dawn

with a modicum of unbreakable mettle?

I'm not a betting man

and even I say to hell with it

kick it in the teeth

show it who's boss

(even if it is maybe

the Cosmos will respect the chutzpah)

let all this chaos and transformation

be more 'beginning of the new'

rather than 'ending of the old'

let all this cosmic shifting

uncover wisdoms we thought

were forever lost

(he said with fingers crossed)

let the bones and the angels sing together

let the widow and widower rejoin their mates

somewhere the world can't find and hurt them again

let all manner of being find its peace

in the maelstrom we call consciousness

let all we hate and all we love

find common ground in the infinity between

the ticks of our clocks or the beats of our hearts

let nothing be lost but that which has served its purpose

(and even then is it truly lost?)

I'm ready to move

good to go

road-tested and with plenty

of reason to be confident in anything

that comes be it triumph or wipeout

let us all make to be on our way

let it be what it is

let it be enough...

Content (c) 2011 Philip Milito.

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