Wednesday, August 12, 2009

want to
wrap up some
old business but it
keeps unraveling when I try

to tie the knot tight

so old business becomes new
the harness good and
the blade sharp--
forward I


I am so rarely good
but never as bad as I think I am
except when I try to draw
some lesson from it--


so this is how it all comes out--

forget all the weatherman interpreters
of bibles and korans
and mayan myths--
these books aren't prophecy
they're accurate depictions
of life in the earth AS IS

easy then to say 'so this is how
it all comes out'
the struggles
aren't evil
they are just the processes
of the world as fashioned

and each of us alone must find the way out--

do not think too hard about it
'he who would save his life will lose it'

give it away
if you would know
such increase as


Content (c) 2008-2009 Philip Milito.

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