Thursday, August 6, 2009

the return to earth
is always the hardest experience
of the soul

you've done what you had
in the world to do
it stands quietly
in its own being
and you have no other reasons
to which to look forward

and just when your moment of departure
rears up
and your soul feels the tug
of the cord and lifts
out of its accomplished human shell
a thought occurs
and the light to which you are carried
is no longer quite so
blinding and beautiful
because the awareness sets in that
not all you've done in the earth
has succeeded
in the eyes of the One--

and so not quite admonished
but lovingly tended
and soothed by attendant souls
who remember the awful
material world
with its beauties and joys--true--
but also its scars and
disappointments--easing you back
into the dimension
just outside earthly living--
you rest meditate and
aid others through the veils dividing
the worlds--

oh then--then when
it is time to go back for
the atonements and the lessons--
the soul rises and comes
to drink deeply
of the waters of forgetfulness--
to forget the loving peace of the
spirit world--
to forget the bundles of sin
that have accumulated
from earthly life to earthly life
so their weight won't crush
this lifetime's effort to atone
and to learn--
to forget all enticements
that would bewilder and mislead
the soul from its purpose--

then the soul rises--
awareness blank as a void--
and is drawn to its next vehicle--
its next human identity--

the bittersweet ache of being
alive in the earth
will well up in memory--
the pains and the joys
drawing down the soul

then--the soul
its hardest experience--
the knowledge
of unlimited life--
limited to this particular
its being--its place in the world--
the time of its duration--

one more time
into yet another breach
for One who created us

for some reason--

Content (c) 2008-2009 Philip Milito.

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